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Our Columbus, Ohio appellate lawyer has briefed and argued numerous appellate cases throughout Ohio, including in the Tenth and Fifth Appellate District Courts. Our Columbus, Ohio appellate attorney is focused on and has achieved results, including successfully dismissing a meritless appeal in the Fifth Appellate District and overturning a Franklin County Common Pleas Court in the Tenth Appellate District. The attorneys at our Columbus, Ohio appellate law firm have also represented clients in appeals from state and county administrative agencies. Recently, our Columbus appellate law firm has been tasked with filing a memorandum in response to a memorandum in support of jurisdiction in order to prevent an appeal from proceeding to The Supreme Court of Ohio – the highest court in the State of Ohio.

The outcome of any litigation is based on a complex web of laws, regulations, procedural rules, evidence rules, complex facts, and decisions by the judge and jury. Commercial disputes, business litigation, and employment lawsuits are among the most difficult cases for judges, jurors, and attorneys alike. Often, mistakes are made, potentially resulting in a judgment for tens of thousands of dollars that never should have been awarded. Unfortunately, even highly qualified judges sometimes make incorrect rulings of law. Other issues can arise stemming from the rules of civil procedure, case law, statute interpretation, the rules of evidence, and even the facts and exhibits submitted by the trial lawyers. Following a final judgment entry from a trial court, post-trial motions and an appeal are often the only path toward a potential remedy for such errors.

Appellate Process in Ohio

The appellate process is some of the most legal intensive work lawyers are tasked with and is not something to take lightly. An appeal must be timely submitted and effectively briefed and argued for any chance of success. Writing an effective brief consists of hours of rigorous legal research to find case law supporting your position, as well as distinguishing the appeal from adverse case law.

Not only is appellate work important for the client, but appellate courts are where laws can be made, interpreted, or changed. Some of the most significant changes to our nation’s laws come about as the result of appellate cases; think Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Roe v. Wade, or D.C. v. Heller. For this reason, appellate litigation is considered the apex of the practice of law. Although most are unlikely to have a case with implications as drastic as in those cases mentioned above, appellate work can result in significant changes or interpretations of federal and state law and has a broader impact than the result to the parties of the case.

Contact an Appellate Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio

If you believe your business or employment case was wrongfully dismissed or decided, our Columbus appellate lawyer can evaluate your case to determine if an appeal would be appropriate. Our Columbus appellate law firm can also handle appeals from certain county and state administrative agencies. Please note you must act fast following a final judgment from a court or administrative agency. Oftentimes, a notice of appeal must be timely filed or a court can refuse to hear the appeal.

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