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Our Columbus appellate lawyers have briefed and argued numerous appellate cases throughout Ohio, including the Tenth and Fifth Appellate Districts. Our appellate practice even successfully secured the dismissal of a meritless appeal in the Fifth Appellate District.

Litigation is a complex web of statutes, regulations, procedural rules, evidence rules, and complex facts. Commercial disputes, business litigation, and employment lawsuits are among the most difficult for judges, jurors, and attorneys alike. Often, mistakes are made, potentially resulting in a judgment for tens of thousands of dollars that never should have been awarded. Issues can arise stemming from the rules of civil procedure, case law, statute interpretation, the rules of evidence, and even the facts and exhibits submitted by the trial lawyers.

Following a judgment by a trial court, post-trial motions and an appeal are often the only path toward a potential remedy for such errors. However, the appellate process is some of the most legal intensive work lawyers are tasked with and is not something to take lightly. An appeal must be timely submitted and effectively briefed and argued for any chance of success.

If you believe your commercial lawsuit was wrongfully dismissed or decided, our appellate lawyers can evaluate your case to determine if an appeal would be appropriate. Please note that a notice of appeal must be timely submitted to a court, or an appeal will not be heard.

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