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Maintaining Your Corporate Minute Book and Corporate Requirements

By Drew Stevens

Even if you’ve never dealt with a business attorney in Columbus, Ohio, chances are that if your startup or business is a corporation, you’ve heard of the term “corporate formalities.” One of the core components of corporate formalities is maintaining the corporate minute book. Many assume a corporate minute book is only required for Fortune […]

Business Entity Basics Part II: Corporation vs. LLC – Taxes Matter

By Andrew Randol

In Part I of Business Entity Basics, our Columbus business law lawyer explained what a business entity is and why you need one. In case you missed Part I, it is almost always best to choose a limited liability entity, such as a corporation or LLC, over a non-limited liability entity, such as a partnership. […]

Business Entity Basics Part I: What is a Business Entity and Why do I Need One?

By Andrew Randol

What is a Business Entity? At its core, a business entity is a fictitious person invented by the law in order to allow people to conduct business. Like a natural person, a business entity can own property and assets, purchase and sell things, enter into contracts, break laws, pay taxes, and sue and be sued […]

The Importance of an Operating Agreement

By Andrew Randol

Like a couple engaged to be married, when two or more people decide to start a business together, they are usually bristling with excitement and enthusiasm. Leave it to us attorneys to rain on your parade. Like some marriages, business partnerships can fail. Even if a business is doing well, personalities clash and relationships become […]

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