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How to File a Trademark – Part 7

By Drew Stevens

If you feel overwhelmed with your application or just want it done right the first time, email our IP attorney in Columbus, Ohio today.

How to File a Trademark – Part 6

By Drew Stevens

If you’re still on a quest to learn intellectual property and understand how to file a trademark, welcome to part six of our Columbus, Ohio intellectual property law firm’s tips and tricks on filing a trademark application.

How to File a Trademark – Part 5

By Drew Stevens

This is part five in our series on how to file a trademark, and picking up from our previous post, we’ll continue to work through an example TEAS RF application.

How to File a Trademark – Part 4

By Drew Stevens

Here, we’ll dive into the mechanics of the trademark application itself and what you should be watching for if you’re new to intellectual property and are trying to file a trademark on your own with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

How to File a Trademark – Part 3

By Drew Stevens

We’re up to part three in our quest to demystify the trademark application process and removing some of the confusion associated with key parts of filing for a trademark. In this post, we’ll cover one of the areas where intellectual property lawyers in Columbus, Ohio devote most of their time in filing a trademark – […]

How to File a Trademark – Part 2

By Drew Stevens

Welcome to part two in our ongoing series that covers the high-level points of how to file a trademark. A key part of intellectual property protection for startups, mid-market businesses, and mature corporations, trademarks can be a valuable way to protect business branding. If you’ve never dealt with Columbus intellectual property lawyers, read on. In […]

How to File a Trademark – Part 1

By Drew Stevens

There are a number of benefits of holding a federal trademark. When you hold a registered trademark and depending on whether you register on the Principal or Supplemental Register, you may get exclusive rights to the use of the mark, in relation to your goods and services.

Neural Networks and Advanced AI Contract Issues

By Drew Stevens

Hailed by some as one of the more promising tools in artificial intelligence and machine learning, neural networks present both a range of exciting applications and legal contract issues. As an AI lawyer, I always find working on AI, cloud platform, and neural network-related services contracts engaging, based on the unique and interesting issues that […]

SaaS Agreements: Authorized Users and Storage Capacity

By Drew Stevens

Whether you’re rolling out your software as a service (SaaS) or tweaking an existing SaaS agreement, there are a number of areas that warrant further consideration. Two issues, which initially may seem straightforward enough, are authorized users and storage space.

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