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Small Business Attorney

Small businesses are in a class of their own. If you own a small business, your day-to-day issues and even your legal issues can be vastly different than larger corporations. You probably don’t need (or want) a mega firm lawyer who charges $500/hour. If you’re looking for a small business attorney in Columbus, Ohio, you […] Learn More >>

Corporate & General Business Law

Business formation and complex restructuring, corporate governance, corporate audits, director and shareholder action, LLC buyouts, and corporate dissolution.

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Business Formation Attorney

Forming a business can be exciting but also stressful and time-consuming. You may be an expert in your field or industry, but business law and how to form a business may be completely foreign concepts. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Our Columbus business formation attorneys have helped countless individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies launch new businesses […] Learn More >>

Business Contract Attorney

One of the fundamental cornerstones of running any business, including small businesses, mid-market companies, and mature corporations, is having well-written and well-negotiated contracts which provide a range of benefits including creating clarity on the scope of services, defining the responsibilities of the parties, and alleviating unknowns and anxiety regarding payment terms. Our Columbus business contract […] Learn More >>

Technology Transactions Law

Edge computing, outsourcing agreements, licensing and distribution agreements, cloud computing, hardware manufacturing, and virtual reality.

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Commercial & Business Litigation

We represent clients through every stage of litigation, including pre-litigation, pleadings, discovery, trial, and post-trial.

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Mergers & Acquisitons

Whether you’re buying a business, selling a business, or contemplating a merger, we advise on all things M&A including LOIs, asset purchase agreements, and stock sales.

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Employment & Labor Law

Employment contracts, employee handbooks, DOL and EEOC disputes, overtime regulations, employee classification, COBRA, and severance agreements.

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SaaS & Software Development Law

From Python to Ruby to everything in between, we assist with SaaS, software development, software agreements, and software licensing.

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Securities Law

Raising funding? Bringing on partners for capital? Unsure if your securities or debt financing invokes securities laws? Looking for an exemption? We can help.

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Construction Law

Mechanics’ liens, City of Columbus Building and Zoning issues, construction agreements, notices of commencement and furnishing, and construction litigation.

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Considering appealing a case or have questions with post-trial motions? Think your lawsuit was erroneously dismissed or decided? We can assist with filing an appeal.

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Arbitration & Mediation

From the American Arbitration Association to JAMS to local mediation, we represent clients in a range of arbitration and mediation arenas.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Ever evolving areas of technology law, we assist with all things AI and machine learning, including IP ownership, data collection, and developer liability.

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Data, Privacy, & Cybersecurity

Assisting with information technology and IT policies, data breaches and requires disclosures, and privacy laws.

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eCommerce Law

A rapidly growing industry, we have substantial experience working with eCommerce companies and advising on issues like data security, website development, and social media.

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Fintech Law

Cryptocurrencies, token sales, blockchain tech, simple agreements for future tokens, and investments and securities.

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Intellectual Property

Looking to apply for a trademark or copyright? Do you have to respond to an USPTO office action? Have concerns with trade secrets or IP licensing? Let’s talk.

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International Law

International business contracts, foreign business formation, export and import control regulations, and currency and exchange control issues.

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Internet of Things Law

IoT products and services involve a range of legal issues, and we assist clients with data, cloud storage, system architecture, SaaS, and service level agreements.

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Entity selection and forming a business, company structure and cap tables, stock options, IP protection and planning, and exit strategies.

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Venture Capital & Emerging Companies

From initial term sheets and SAFEs to PPMs and closing your Series A round, our lawyers work with companies, founders, investors, and VC firms.

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